Saturday, September 14, 2013

Called to Serve - Week 16 or 17 probably

So craziness.. I will start from last Monday.  Sister Barlow and I went home after emailing to clean and write letters.  I clean and then I go to take a shower.  I was in the shower and then out of no where Sister Barlow starts banging on the door and screaming saying, "President called! President called!  Guess what is happening!"  I had no idea what to think.  I got out, put on clothes, and then Sister Barlow said that I will be training.  I was so shocked.  I was excited to hear the news, but it was news I WAS NOT expecting at all.  I was more nervous than anything else.  Seriously, this is crazy.  President told Sister Barlow to have me call him.  I called and he let me know that I will be training Sister Moulis from France.  She has been in the MTC in Preston for six weeks.  I was just stunned.  I just kept thinking.. ok I just got done being trained.  Sister Barlow would then be having a companion that has been out for a while.   That is another thing.  I knew that she is a very good trainer and she would be perfect at training this new sister.  President Millar also said that he tried calling us last night, but our phone is wacky and doesn't get reception in our home half of the time.  I was so sad because then I could've told you the news.  I wrote all of you last Monday to let you know because I thought that the letters would get there sooner than I would email you today, but I guess that they didn't. 
The next day, Tuesday, was absolutely excellent.  We were able to teach the people in the small village, Probus, and extend baptismal dates to all of them.  They all said that if they know it to be true by November 15, they will be baptized.  It was incredible.  The members that came with us were so awesome.  I love the members.  Faith is the key to everything.  Tomorrow we go see them all again.  I hope it goes well.  Last Tuesday was just a good, busy day.  I didn't really think about the news that I received before.  It was just a good last day.
On Wednesday, we traveled to Sister Barlow's new area, New Milton.  I know MILTON!! It was so funny when I heard that!  It still hadn't clicked to me yet that I would be training.  When we arrived, I saw my new companion, Sister Moulis.  We hugged and I just thought to myself, "I am just going to love this girl.  I might not be good at anything else, but I can just love."  We drove home afterwards and got to know eachother a little bit.  I traveled ALL day on Wednesday.  Then that is when it sunk in.  I couldn't sleep Wednesday night.  The stress started creeping in more than ever.  I felt that same feeling that I felt while I was at the MTC.  I couldn't eat all of Thursday and wow was it crazy.  Thursday was ok.  I was just still stressed out of my mind that I would have to be leading this area.  I had to watch every little thing that I do from now on because someone is looking up to me.  I just had no idea how Heavenly Father could call me to this at the time.

Sister Nelson, the one from Idaho that I did exchanges with, is the new Sister Training Leader for our Zone.. good thing.  She just kind of helped me breathe.  Afterwards I read this months Ensign.  Oh my goodness did it help me a little bit.  There is talk in there that talks about asking yourself a couple questions when you are going through difficult times and how to just say to yourself, "I will try."  It was just what I needed.  I still though couldn't sleep that night. 
Good thing that Friday was Zone Training Conference and I could speak with Sister Nelson and have an interview with President Millar.  First thing that happened.. when we went to the train station to get on the bus, Elder Astle, my district leader, and Elder Fuller were there waiting for the train also.  Elder Fuller was so nice and said to Sister Moulis that she has the best trainer.  I just tried not to tear up.  Then when we arrived to the conference, I was trying not to cry the whole time.  When finally President Millar called me in to the office to have an interview I just broke down.  I told him that I just felt the world on my shoulders right now.  Something incredible happened though.  I felt Heavenly Father talking straight through him to me.  Everything that he said I knew was right from God.  He told me that Heavenly Father did not call me to fail.  I am a good missionary and he has full trust in me in the area.  He said just to try my best and everything will be ok.  He told me just to love Sister Moulis and help her along the way.  Also he said, while I am teaching just be simple and teach like I am teaching a primary child.  Oh my goodness does Heavenly Father love me.  I felt like what he told me was a blessing.  When he closed by saying a prayer, that prayer was so comforting and I felt his love for me.  I walked of that office thinking to myself.. oh yes I can do this.. I will DOMINATE!! I will never forget that interview and Heavenly Father speaking directly to me.  He really does speak through people.  Elder Romney, one of the Zone Leaders, and Sister Nelson were very concerned about me and it was so nice.  I just feel very loved.  I know that this is the will of Heavenly Father and He wants me to be training Sister Moulis at this time.  I did not get called to do this to fail.  Then afterwards, Sister Moulis told me that Elder Benedetti, my last District Leader and he was actually in Sister Moulis' ward in France back home, and Elder Moulin, French also, said that she has the best trainer.  I just can't believe how much love I feel from these Elders and Sisters.  By the way after the interview we are just supposed to hand shake I think, but President Millar grabbed both of my arms and kind of pulled me in and just said to me you have got this.  It was just incredible. 
I am so blessed to be companions with sweet Sister Moulis.  She is from France and it is very difficult for her to understand and speak the language, but wow is she trying.  She had never spoken English before six weeks ago and she is doing absolutely incredible.  I love her so much.  We have so much fun together.  I have already learned so much from her.  Seeing her work so hard makes me want to work so hard also.  I feel so blessed to be her trainer.  She tells me almost everyday how thankful she is to have me as her trainer.  She told me that she was so nervous to see who her trainer would be.  When President Millar showed her my picture before we met, she was so happy and relieved.  When she told me that I felt so happy also.  She shows so much love towards me and we have a great companionship.  She has came from a total different background than I have and it is so cool to be able to live, learn, and grow with her.  I love seeing her improve everyday. I have to have a lot of patience.  It is good though because that is a characteristic I will have to achieve before I am a mother FOR sure! Heavenly Father loves me so much.  I can't believe that He trusts me to train right now, but it will be ok.  I know that I will just follow what He directs me to do.  If I do this, then I will become a better person and be much happier than being mad and upset about the things that He places on my shoulders.  I can do this.  "I have confidence in sunshine.  I have confidence in rain.  I have confidence that spring will come again.  Besides what you see I have confidence in me!" 
Sister Gunnell

Sister Gunnell with Elder Gunnell from Wellsville, Utah

Camille's new companion, Sister Moulis from France

When Camille ended her letter with the lyrics from
 "I Have Confidence in Me", she had no idea that we had 
added that music to our family video of her farewell
 at the airport.