Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Camille is still in Cornwall!

From: Camille Gunnell                           
Date: November 11, 2013 5:20:47 AM MST

Dear Family,
This week has been a crazy one.  I think that this happens because of the end of the transfer and not knowing what is going to happen.  Also, we pretty much don't have a teaching pool anymore.  We are starting from scratch.  For some reason, it feels like this happens after every transfer.  But hey that is alright.  I just need to look at the bigger picture.  It is really easy to get caught up in the little things on the mission.  The numbers, goals, and key indicators are really important, but all of that is not up to my agency, but others.  I hate when our numbers are low and it looks like we aren't working hard.  Heavenly Father knows though.  I know He does. 
Can you believe that I have been out here for pretty much six months?  It is crazy to me.  Yesterday, President Millar called and informed me that I will be the staying in the west for a little longer and being the Sister Trainer Leader.  Also, Sister Moulis and I are staying together!  It is very good.  It is also exciting because we will be together for Christmas in Cornwall!! I can't believe that I will be in this area for at least seven and a half months. 
This transfer is going to be a good one.  I know that I am going to see miracles happen.  No doubt.  I love feeling the Spirit and knowing that I am on the Lord's errand each day.  This church is true.  We are all sons and daughters of a LOVING Heavenly Father that truly helps us along the way.  I am so grateful for the gift of the Holy Ghost because it calms my heart in times of need.  I am grateful to pray to a Heavenly Father that hears and answers my prayers even though it is sometimes really hard to see how.  He is literally shaping me into someone that I never expected I could become.  We have a companion inventory each week and we tell each other one another's strengths.  Sister Moulis said this week that I am so bold in everything that I do and that when I have a goal or something that I am striving to achieve, I will do everything I can to achieve it.  Before my mission, I did not have these traits.  I know it.  What she said just was Heavenly Father letting me know that He is shaping me into someone that will be able to do what He needs me to do in the future for Him. Jesus Christ is who keeps me going.  He truly does strengthen me and makes me realize how crucial it is to do all in my power to bring people to come unto Him.  I feel like I am gaining a relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ more than I thought even possible in this life.  Even though times are difficult, I wouldn't want to be representing anyone else on my heart every day.  It helps me press on and keep walking in the fog, mist, rain, wind, and cold.  I love you all.  Keep holding on to the truths that you know.  Never doubt your faith.  Keep the fire burning!!
Sister Gunnell  

She loves the sisters!

She loves her bishop!  He forgave her for breaking the glass.

From:  Camille Gunnell 
Subject:  Incredible news!
Date:  October 28, 2013 5:52:59 AM MDT

Dear Family,

This week was awesome.  I was spiritually fed!! I was able to do an exchange with a girl that came out with me in the MTC.  She is an incredible missionary.  She just needs that desire to work.  She asked me what makes me have the desire to work.  I had never thought about it.  I just told her that I know that that is what Heavenly Father wants me to do right now so I just do it.  These sisters are amazing.  If they could only see how incredible they actually are.  
Then a day later was Plymouth Stake Conference.  We were able to go to the Adult Session Saturday evening and then stay at the Exeter sister's flat.  President and Sister Millar were there.  They are just absolutely incredible.  They spoke in Conference and they have so much power to their words.  The conference was all about missionary work.  It was awesome.  There are so many missionaries in this stake now.  All the missionaries stood up at a time and it was just so cool to see.  I love interacting with these wonderful people. 
As you can tell we had to travel SO much.  Even though we did so, we were able to do so much in our area.  It was incredible.  Heavenly Father sure does love us.  Sister Moulis and I pushed ourselves so hard to work every minute that we were in our area together.  By doing so, we were able to see miracles happen.  It was a great week.  This week is even better though.. to start off hearing where Bridger is serving.   This morning in personal and companionship study, I couldn't focus because I was just thinking about where Bridger would be serving.  This is the weirdest part about it all.  We have this map wrapped up standing by the wall (we had it up on the wall, but then it fell down.  We put it up to guess where Bridger would be going).  Well the one place that was facing me was Australia.  I was thinking this morning if maybe the place is Australia.. and it IS!!  So awesome!! I wanted to go to Australia! The Lord has FOR SURE taken care of Bridger like what President Eyring said.  The only advice I can give him is PREPARE NOW!! Start living how you would on the mission.  It isn't an easy transition that is for sure.  Start studying and getting prepared physically and spiritually.  You need all the help that you can get beforehand.  Preach My Gospel is awesome.  Get comfortable with it now Bridger.  I have so much advice that I would love to say.  AAHH when I opened up my email I couldn't keep the tears in.  I just know Heavenly Father loves us all, especially Bridger for this sacrifice he is making.  Just remember the Lord doesn't call anyone to fail!! Enjoy these moments with the family.  Enjoy sleeping in.  Enjoy not being in a rush 24/7.  Enjoy hanging out with your friends.  Enjoy relaxing.  On the mission you get none of that.  There is a reason though.  The mission is awesome.
Sister Gunnell

Her new Cornwall coat

From: Camille Gunnell 
Subject: Five Months
Date: October 14, 2013 5:18:34 AM MDT

Dear Family,
I always enjoy so much getting all of your emails and hearing what is happening in your worlds.  I feel like it was another lifetime when I was home, but time is also going by fast.  This past week a lot of things happened.  We did an exchange with Sister O'Brien and Sister Barrow.  They are awesome missionaries in our District in St. Austell.  I love them.  Sister Barrow was able to come here to my area.  She is awesome.  She gave up running for BYU to come on this mission.  Her whole life was focused on running and then now it has completely changed.  What a hard transition, but she loves the work.  These missionaries are just incredible.  We were able to teach a lot of people this week.  Weeks like this past week are the times that make me look back and love what I am doing.  I love seeing progress in myself, in Sister Moulis, and in the work.  Even if a couple people flogged, hey ho life goes on. 
A lot of sisters are having rough times right now.  I am having to help them and just listen to them while they express their concerns.  Wow these girls are amazing.  This work is so hard, but they all have testimonies that inspire me.  When they are going through a hard time and are crying to me on the phone I just say to them, "Why are you really out here?" and then they bare their testimonies to me and it makes me cry every time.  I know that the Savior loves me.  I know that I wouldn't be the person that I am without the gospel principles so strongly taught in my home growing up.  These sisters know this too.  I just look up to all of them so much.  I am glad that they feel comfortable opening up to me and expressing themselves to me.  I love and pray for them all of the time.  It is crazy all of the things that are on my mind these days.  I am not just a missionary anymore.  I have to train and I also have to help these girls love the mission.  President Millar sent me a letter that I will cherish forever.  It is about my calling and how much he expects and how much he appreciates me.  I love my President.  I try to be as good as I can.  I have focused a lot this week on in the scriptures how when I really am converted I will have no desire to do evil.  I will only want to do good.  This is what I am still aiming for and will be probably my whole life.  Little by little though I see myself improving and wanting to just do good.  I was thinking back to even just five years ago and how much I have grown.  I love where I am now.  I love where the mission is taking me.  I want to be exactly obedient so I can feel peace and happiness in my heart.  Sometimes this is very hard to do, but I have seen the miracles happen because of it and I don't want to interrupt the Lord's work by my selfish doings. 
Thank you for the love and support I feel each day.  You help me out more than you realize.  This week is going to be a very good week.  We have so much planned like painting a less actives (the Junners) home, two teaches tonight, going visiting teaching with an amazing member, doing an exchange, relief society activity, eating at the bishop's home (and talking about everything!!), and lots and lots of people behind doors to teach about this amazing message we share! I love you! Keep going strong and finding ways to share the gospel.  It is the best feeling ever when I do. 
Sister Gunnell
P.S. Two stories.  My goal this week was to talk to people on the bus.  Most of the time I was really nervous, but there was two times that Heavenly Father made it possible for me to by praying for the opportunity.  There was one old lady that was making faces at this baby in front of the bus so I started talking to her about her children.  She wasn't too interested, but I gave her a card anyway before she got off the bus.  Then there was another lady that was sitting near to us and she had a backpack that had a little sewn on badge thing of Utah National Park.  I started talking to her about that and she said that she just came back from Utah a week ago.  She had so many badges from all around the world.  It was amazing.  She went to Yellowstone, SLC, Zions, and all of the places in between.  I told her about how my family and I used to always go to Yellowstone.  I asked if she went to Temple Square and she said that she went and heard the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing.  I started talking to her about the church.  BAM!! connections!! She started saying while there, there was a lot of the group that went into the family history center.  (Just so much stuff to talk about to this lady!)  We started talking about her beliefs and she doesn't believe in God.. ok how can someone listen to the MOTAB and not feel the Spirit?!  That is when I get really confused.  She was such a sweet lady and I loved feeling like I was at home talking about Yellowstone and everything.  I gave her the St. Austell sister's card because that is where she was from.  I really enjoyed talking to her.  Heavenly Father gives us ways to talk to people.  We just need to open our mouths.. that is the hardest part.  Even if nothing came about talking to these two women, I know that Heavenly Father finds ways for us to share the gospel.  I realize that this work isn't just about these people, it is about helping us too.  I see Heavenly Father helping me probably more than I help other people.  I know that might sound selfish of me, but its true in my
eyes.    Go share the gospel!!!!!!

She loves letters from GiGi and
 packages from Idaho!

From: Camille Gunnell 
Subject: Transfer 4
Date: October 7, 2013 5:33:19 AM MDT

Dear Family,
I am already almost five months out!! Wouldn't take any of these months back! They have been so hard, but so worth it.  The gospel is true and the happiness that it brings I have to share with everyone.  The only place it is hard for me to share is on the busses.  This week my goal is to share the gospel on the busses.  I am really nervous, but really excited for my challenge.  We take busses everywhere because our area is so big.  We sometimes are on the busses for two hours a day getting to and from places.  This time is the Lord's time and I need to use it wisely. 
This week zoomed by with General Conferene and with traveling to Staines for the Missionary Leadership Conference. (On October 2, Camille was called to be a Trainer Leader.) Ok, there I even felt more out of place.  The only people that go are the Zone Leaders (about 30 in the mission), the 2 Assistants to the President (Elder Romney just got called to be one of them!), the Sister Training Leaders (8 of us in the mission), and President Millar and Sister Millar.  This time was much different than last time.  Last time I just enjoyed it all and kind of relaxed.  This time I was taking notes like crazy! So much was said that was so good and that I want to apply.  I was the youngest one there by far.  There are all of these elders and sisters that have been out for more than half of their missions and here I am still feeling like a "greeney."  I was without a doubt the youngest one there.  This is a challenge I never thought I would have to have during my mission.  President is so awesome though.  The things that he said, I knew that I could do.  He said with everyone that we are helping or around get down to their level and lift them up.  It is so easy look down on people, but the remarks President said really helped me understand what I need to do as a Sister Training Leader.  I need to get to where they are at and then grab their hand and push on together.  These are the things that I know that I will need for the rest of my life.    Also some intimidating news.. the leaders areas are supposed to be baptizing areas.  Also, model areas for the rest of the mission.  President was urging us to have one baptism A MONTH. I am so grateful for that conference because it gives me a lot of peace about what my purpose is as a leader.  Time is going to go by so fast with these exchanges happening every week.  There are 6 companionships, including Sister Moulis and I, in this zone.  Five of the six are training.  I am excited to meet all of these new sisters and help them in any way possible.  Hopefully I can help in some way.  The whole time I was at MLC I was just thinking how proud all of these elder's moms would be if they saw their sons.  I wish that I just could give them a little clip of what I saw.  Heavenly Father has his best soldiers out in the battle field at this time.  These elders are just incredible and strong.  I remember in my setting apart blessing there was something said about how I will have an influence on the elders or something out here.  I think that this calling is making that happen.  I am so blessed to be surrounded by such strong people that have on the armor of God. 
One cool thing that also happened was Sister Moulis went to Sister Barlow's area and I was able to be with Sister Barlow again!! It was like we were companions all over again.  When she saw me she was like I knew it! I knew you would be the Sister Training Leader.  She is too kind.  We couldn't stop talking in the car, at night (we probably went to bed at 1), and the whole time (except in the meeting).  It was so good to talk with her.  I miss our conversations.  We just talked so easily with eachother.  It is crazy how different companions can be.  I love them both though :)  She is a wonderful missionary that works so hard.  I hope to one day be like her.  We all do struggle though.  Times are tough on the mission.. especially when we don't see the fruits of our labors.  We keep pressing on though because this is the Lord's work.  I slept on the floor for two nights straight.  I probably only got a couple hours of sleep.  I am exhausted and will probably sleep this whole P-Day. 
General Conference was a spiritual feast.  I just felt that the veil was so close during the whole thing.  Also, Sister Moulis and I after said to eachother, "The Second Coming is going to happen sooner than we think."  So much was said about covenants and missionary work.  This is our time to shine and bring people to know of our Savior and Redeemer.  I just can't believe how much I enjoyed conference this time.  I don't think that I have ever watched and listened to every word so intently as I did this weekend.  This church is true.  The spirit that I felt throughout the entire meeting I will remember forever.  I want everyone to feel of that spirit that I felt.  I want everyone to know of the Savior's love for them.  I want everyone to know how the gospel of Jesus Christ can bring such happiness in peace into their lives.  I don't know what I would do with out the gospel.  I am so grateful for the covenants that I have made with my Father in Heaven.  I hope to always strive to live worthily.  It breaks my heart knowing how many people break their covenants.  It breaks Heavenly Father's heart even more, but there is a way to come back and that is through the Savior's love.  I am so grateful for my Savior.  He helps me in every situation these days.  We stayed with some sisters (Sister O'Brien and Sister Barrow) on Friday night and Sister O'Brien was reading a card from a primary child that was in her home ward. It said, "I hope you are enjoying your time becoming closer to your Heavenly Father."  It really touched me.  This is what this time is about.  I am so grateful that I have this time to devote all of my time and energy to my Heavenly Father and become closer to Him.  The days are rough, but I know Heavenly Father is smiling down on me and cheering me on.  That is what keeps me going. 
My Transfer Scripture is Alma 26:27. 
"Now when our hearts were depressed, and we were about to turn back, behold the Lord comforted us, and said: Go amongst they brethren, the people of England, and bear with patience thine afflictions, and I will give unto you success." 
Remember last time I told you that my transfer goal is patience.  Isn't this scripture so fitting?!  I read it right after I made that attribute my goal.  The results of patience (Alma 26):
  • instruments in the hands of the Lord
  • thousands were brought into the church
  • when life gets stormy, they will stand strong
I want to see these outcomes happen because of my patience and diligence just like in the scriptures.  I know that it can happen :) 
By the way, I can't wait to hear where Bridger is going!! The whole time that I was at MLC I was thinking what an extraordinary missionary he will be.  I think that he is going to be called to serve in the England London South Mission and I will be training him... haha jk, but that would be pretty hilarious.  Then we could be companions... maybe. Anyways wherever he is called to serve is sure a lucky place to have him accomplishing the Lord's work. 
I love you all!! I hope you keep holding strong to the faith! Pray for missionary opportunities to happen in your life and I promise that they will.  Don't be scared to share the gospel in any way possible!  Everyone needs this!!
Sister Gunnell

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Called to Serve - Week 16 or 17 probably

So craziness.. I will start from last Monday.  Sister Barlow and I went home after emailing to clean and write letters.  I clean and then I go to take a shower.  I was in the shower and then out of no where Sister Barlow starts banging on the door and screaming saying, "President called! President called!  Guess what is happening!"  I had no idea what to think.  I got out, put on clothes, and then Sister Barlow said that I will be training.  I was so shocked.  I was excited to hear the news, but it was news I WAS NOT expecting at all.  I was more nervous than anything else.  Seriously, this is crazy.  President told Sister Barlow to have me call him.  I called and he let me know that I will be training Sister Moulis from France.  She has been in the MTC in Preston for six weeks.  I was just stunned.  I just kept thinking.. ok I just got done being trained.  Sister Barlow would then be having a companion that has been out for a while.   That is another thing.  I knew that she is a very good trainer and she would be perfect at training this new sister.  President Millar also said that he tried calling us last night, but our phone is wacky and doesn't get reception in our home half of the time.  I was so sad because then I could've told you the news.  I wrote all of you last Monday to let you know because I thought that the letters would get there sooner than I would email you today, but I guess that they didn't. 
The next day, Tuesday, was absolutely excellent.  We were able to teach the people in the small village, Probus, and extend baptismal dates to all of them.  They all said that if they know it to be true by November 15, they will be baptized.  It was incredible.  The members that came with us were so awesome.  I love the members.  Faith is the key to everything.  Tomorrow we go see them all again.  I hope it goes well.  Last Tuesday was just a good, busy day.  I didn't really think about the news that I received before.  It was just a good last day.
On Wednesday, we traveled to Sister Barlow's new area, New Milton.  I know MILTON!! It was so funny when I heard that!  It still hadn't clicked to me yet that I would be training.  When we arrived, I saw my new companion, Sister Moulis.  We hugged and I just thought to myself, "I am just going to love this girl.  I might not be good at anything else, but I can just love."  We drove home afterwards and got to know eachother a little bit.  I traveled ALL day on Wednesday.  Then that is when it sunk in.  I couldn't sleep Wednesday night.  The stress started creeping in more than ever.  I felt that same feeling that I felt while I was at the MTC.  I couldn't eat all of Thursday and wow was it crazy.  Thursday was ok.  I was just still stressed out of my mind that I would have to be leading this area.  I had to watch every little thing that I do from now on because someone is looking up to me.  I just had no idea how Heavenly Father could call me to this at the time.

Sister Nelson, the one from Idaho that I did exchanges with, is the new Sister Training Leader for our Zone.. good thing.  She just kind of helped me breathe.  Afterwards I read this months Ensign.  Oh my goodness did it help me a little bit.  There is talk in there that talks about asking yourself a couple questions when you are going through difficult times and how to just say to yourself, "I will try."  It was just what I needed.  I still though couldn't sleep that night. 
Good thing that Friday was Zone Training Conference and I could speak with Sister Nelson and have an interview with President Millar.  First thing that happened.. when we went to the train station to get on the bus, Elder Astle, my district leader, and Elder Fuller were there waiting for the train also.  Elder Fuller was so nice and said to Sister Moulis that she has the best trainer.  I just tried not to tear up.  Then when we arrived to the conference, I was trying not to cry the whole time.  When finally President Millar called me in to the office to have an interview I just broke down.  I told him that I just felt the world on my shoulders right now.  Something incredible happened though.  I felt Heavenly Father talking straight through him to me.  Everything that he said I knew was right from God.  He told me that Heavenly Father did not call me to fail.  I am a good missionary and he has full trust in me in the area.  He said just to try my best and everything will be ok.  He told me just to love Sister Moulis and help her along the way.  Also he said, while I am teaching just be simple and teach like I am teaching a primary child.  Oh my goodness does Heavenly Father love me.  I felt like what he told me was a blessing.  When he closed by saying a prayer, that prayer was so comforting and I felt his love for me.  I walked of that office thinking to myself.. oh yes I can do this.. I will DOMINATE!! I will never forget that interview and Heavenly Father speaking directly to me.  He really does speak through people.  Elder Romney, one of the Zone Leaders, and Sister Nelson were very concerned about me and it was so nice.  I just feel very loved.  I know that this is the will of Heavenly Father and He wants me to be training Sister Moulis at this time.  I did not get called to do this to fail.  Then afterwards, Sister Moulis told me that Elder Benedetti, my last District Leader and he was actually in Sister Moulis' ward in France back home, and Elder Moulin, French also, said that she has the best trainer.  I just can't believe how much love I feel from these Elders and Sisters.  By the way after the interview we are just supposed to hand shake I think, but President Millar grabbed both of my arms and kind of pulled me in and just said to me you have got this.  It was just incredible. 
I am so blessed to be companions with sweet Sister Moulis.  She is from France and it is very difficult for her to understand and speak the language, but wow is she trying.  She had never spoken English before six weeks ago and she is doing absolutely incredible.  I love her so much.  We have so much fun together.  I have already learned so much from her.  Seeing her work so hard makes me want to work so hard also.  I feel so blessed to be her trainer.  She tells me almost everyday how thankful she is to have me as her trainer.  She told me that she was so nervous to see who her trainer would be.  When President Millar showed her my picture before we met, she was so happy and relieved.  When she told me that I felt so happy also.  She shows so much love towards me and we have a great companionship.  She has came from a total different background than I have and it is so cool to be able to live, learn, and grow with her.  I love seeing her improve everyday. I have to have a lot of patience.  It is good though because that is a characteristic I will have to achieve before I am a mother FOR sure! Heavenly Father loves me so much.  I can't believe that He trusts me to train right now, but it will be ok.  I know that I will just follow what He directs me to do.  If I do this, then I will become a better person and be much happier than being mad and upset about the things that He places on my shoulders.  I can do this.  "I have confidence in sunshine.  I have confidence in rain.  I have confidence that spring will come again.  Besides what you see I have confidence in me!" 
Sister Gunnell

Sister Gunnell with Elder Gunnell from Wellsville, Utah

Camille's new companion, Sister Moulis from France

When Camille ended her letter with the lyrics from
 "I Have Confidence in Me", she had no idea that we had 
added that music to our family video of her farewell
 at the airport.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Week 5,4,3, and 2

From: Camille Gunnell 
Subject: Week 5
Date: July 1, 2013 5:05:37 AM MDT

First off, thank you so much Gigi, Grandma Gunnell, Suzanne, Amy, and mom for the lovely letters.  I loved them and all and the motivation they gave me.  I reread them often! 
This week we have been trying to visit a lot of less actives.  It is has been successful.  There were a couple of less actives that actually came to church, which was really exciting for us!! Church yesterday was great by the way!! We watched the missionary broadcast!! Wow wasn't that powerful!! I loved seeing the whole Marriot Center packed!! I got teary when they were showing the video clips of the missionaries leaving on missions and saying their goodbyes to their families.  It brought back all of the emotions I was feeling.  The broadcast just made me more pumped.  I want to build really good relationships with the ward members so they will trust me with sharing the gospel to their friends.  I hope this will happen.  The people in the ward are so nice!! I love them.  Yesterday, church was very empty and I felt like it just gives me more of a reason to work hard.  I was studying this morning about diligence.  I cannot believe how necessary this is!! I cannot be lazy!! It is easy to coast through the days, but when I work hard I can feel the Spirit stronger in my life.  This is what life is all about.  I want to feel the Spirit always in my life!! If there is any way to keep the Spirit with me I will do whatever it takes.  I love the happiness that I feel when I have it. 

I am still having a difficult time with expressing myself.  I just get so quiet and can't express myself.  I need to practice and practice and practice.  I hope to someday be as good as Sister Barlow.  When Sister Barlow and I am teaching, I don't really say anything because she just has it all down and goes on about it all and I don't know when to butt in.  I don't want to butt in though because I probably will mess up and freeze.  At District Meeting this week, we were practicing with our Zone Leader, Elder Romney.  After we were done teaching the Restoration he just raved about how well Sister Barlow did.  Then he turned to me and said you were really quiet.  I can tell that you are trying to learn Preach My Gospel.  I don't know why, but it was really really hard on me.  I hate when I know I am struggling with something and then someone points out and says it.  I really struggle with this, but Sister Barlow comforts me.  I started tearing up when we were walking to the bus and she was just like "Sister Gunnell I promise you he was in the exact same position as you were.  No one comes out here able to just teach a lesson.  It comes with time."  I think about clogging and how I just wanted to quit the first time I started because it was frustrating and I thought I would never be able to get it.  I feel that exact same way right now.  It is hard not to just give up, but I know in the long run I will see myself speaking to everyone about these lessons and getting all of the points in.  I am so glad that I know that through practice, I can become better because I have seen myself progress through staying with clogging.  All of the little experiences that I have had in my life have helped me be at this point right now.  I just can't believe how God shows me this everyday.  This is how I know that I am supposed to be here :)  I am not going to let anyone rain on my parade.  When I have a hard time I just sing that song and it helps haha!! I love how much stronger I am becoming. 

I love all of you so much.  Thanks for your love and support!!
Much love,
Sister Camille Gunnell

P.S. I am sorry if I don't write you an email back.  I love hearing from you!!!!!!!!!!! I just don't have enough time. 

From: Camille Gunnell
Subject: Week 4.. time is flying.
Date: June 24, 2013 5:05:17 AM MDT

Time is really weird here out on the mission.  I can't believe I am already in my fourth week.  I can't wrap my head around it.  Sister Barlow and I have been trying to reach our goals and we did it this week.  We actually went head and shoulders above it.  We were so excited!! We have been knocking like crazy and trying to teach people about the Restoration.  Our Heavenly Father has blessed us incredibly.  Sister Barlow tells me just to remember these days when days in the mission I am trying my best and my hardest and it feels like I am getting no results.  This past week though we have been able to see miracles and reach our goals.  People have listened to us at their doorsteps and it has been incredible.  Our goal was to get five lessons, but we got seventeen!!!!!!!! It has been hard work, but it is worth it.  Even though people don't give us their phone numbers to contact them again, we have invited them to come unto Christ, which is our purpose here.  We fasted yesterday as a mission and zone to have the hearts of the England people open, we can find successfully, and try our hardest go the extra mile.  In our zone we fasted that we would reach our goal this past week of having 180 teaches for our zone.  Well last night Sister Barlow and I told our District Leader, Elder Benedetti, our key indicators and then we went out knocking afterwards.  After we were done, we had reached our goal of three more teaches.  We called Elder Benedetti back and left a message on his voice mail.  Later that night he called us back and said, "A miracle has happened. As a zone we were at 177 teaches, but because of your message we were able to reach our goal of 180!!!" Is that so exciting or what?! I was so happy! God's hand is in this work.  It is incredible to see these little things that make you know that.  Back home, I probably had these little things occur where I could've seen God's hand in my life more often, but I was so focused on other things.  Out here these moments are so recognizable. 
Funny story of the week for sure was this man that we met in St. Ives.  By the way St. Ives is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!! I will have to go on a P-Day and take pictures because wow!!! Anyways, this old man was probably in his 80's.  We were trying to talk to him about the Restoration, but he was just going on and on about bible stories and stuff.  He knew so much about the Bible.  Whenever we started talking he would interrupt and go off about something in the Bible.  It was very interesting. Well the whole time he was talking to us, he was just staring at me.  (By the way, we met him through knocking so we were at his doorstep.)  Then he came started touching my arm when he said things.  I kind of scooted back.  Then I said something and he said are those your real teeth?! (By the way, a lot of people's teeth here are horrible haha.. they don't believe in braces or brushing.) He was like, "I've already taken mine out for the night." Then he started going off about something else in the Bible when we would ever explain something and then he was like out of no where, " Oh I just could kiss ya, my darling."  It was so weird and it was so so so hard not to laugh.  Then at the end we ended with a prayer.  At this time we were half way out on his lawn because he was just keep on getting closer and closer to me.  After that, he said ok now give me a kiss and he pulled me in and I said no way Jose and I booked it out.  That was so funny.  Hopefully something that we said left him wanting to learn more about the church.  We did try to teach him.  That was just funny.  He wasn't like scary or anything. 
Another story.  There was a girl on the bus.  We were on the bus going to Truro.  We didn't say anything, which is my bad because I should start the conversation, but after a while me and her started chatting about how hot it was on that bus.  Then we started talking about where she was going and what she is studying in school.  She was studying Religions or something so I started talking to her about our church and stuff.  She was really interested and then I gave her some stuff to read and check out.  God seriously does help me.  Then we departed and she was really happy and said she would check the site and stuff out.  Then, at the end of the day.  I was on a bus to go home when she was on the sidewalk.  She looked up right at me and I looked at her and it was like whoa.  We waved and it was like God places people in your paths... I know it.  Even if she doesn't want to learn more, I tried and invited her.  I am so glad to see these miracles.  What are the odds that I would see her again.  I love these kinds of things that happen on the mission.
Everyone.. please make a profile for me.  We get 30 minutes to be on there every week.  I would love to look up yours.  Let me know when you have :)
My companion has been sick with a cold this past week, but she has been such a trooper.  I can tell it is weighing her down, but she is keep on going even though she isn't very happy.  I am grateful I haven't gotten it. 
I love this area that I am in. Members say that I will probably be here for half of my mission.  I wouldn't mind.  The people are wonderful and so ready to hear the gospel.  I just feel that there are so many people here that need this gospel in their lives.  EVERYONE needs this gospel in their lives.  My bishop is so awesome.  He shared a scripture with me that is in D&C 100:4.. read it.  It is awesome and I know it to be true.  I know that President Millar is called of God.  I know Heavenly Father needs me here right now. 
Some english things:
1. car park is a parking lot
2. car boot sale is a garage sale (they don't have garages here)
3. pavement is side walk
4. a bonnet is a hood of a car
5. Dad, there are SO many bikers here.  They book it!! I am impressed!! They have all the gear and everything.  It scares me really bad though because the streets are so tiny and I don't understand how they don't get hit!!
6. It is so hard to find addresses because they all have street names.  These street names are normal names that are easy to remember either.  I feel like I have my nose in my map all of the time.  I am slowly understanding directions and how things work here. 
7. EVERYONE has dogs... like seriously everyone!! They absolutely love their dogs.  Everyone takes their dogs everywhere too.  I just want Puppy Annie to be running around with me everywhere that I go here right now.  I am surprised I haven't seen them in church yet ;) jk. 

Quote of the week: "When the distance between you and God gets bigger, who moved?"

I love you and I am so grateful to be here on this Earth today.  I know that serving others brings so much happiness.  Sometimes I just can't believe how I go through everyday.  Then I realize, the only reason I am is because the Lord is on my side.  Because of this, I don't fear :) Missionary work is incredible!! Bishop Trewhella (my bishop here, 32 years old) told this to the congregation last night in Sacrament Meeting and I loved it. "I don't like the words missionary work.  We should change this word to being Christlike." He said it somewhere along those lines.  I loved it.  It is true.  Sometimes when you think of missionary work you kind of get stressed out, but just try to be more Christlike each day. Those missionary opportunities will come because of the way you are living and the way you want to treat others.  You will want to be more like Christ!!

I love love love love love you!! I am so excited to see what another week will bring!!

Sister Camille Gunnell

From: Camille Gunnell
Subject: Week 3
Date: June 17, 2013, 5:08:47 AM MDT

I am doing well.  Missionary work is hard, but it wouldn't be worth it if it was easy :) Some random things that I have seen this week that I though you would get a kick out of.  So you know how our door has the door knob in the middle.. well I know where it came from.  Almost EVERY house here has their door knob in the middle of their door!! I was like we are that cool that the people that built the house brought that idea all the way from England.  I like knocking on those doors because it reminds me of home every time.  Also, everything (and I mean everything) closes before five here.  All of the shops, restaurants, and everything are not open after five.  It is crazy!! The streets are so empty!!! We are pretty much the only ones walking the streets after that time. 
Also, I wake up to seagulls making so much noise instead of chirping I heard from birds up in the pine trees outside of my window at home. 
The Cornish people are awesome.  They say that the Cornish people are a different breed than the English people.  They don't believe themselves to be English.  This area is so fun!!
I love playing the piano.  Because it was Father's Day, the primary children (which is only like five or something) came up and sang a song.  I was at the piano, they gave me the book and said play this. They were just going to sing it without a pianist because they don't have one (like seriously no one plays the piano in the ward).  I was like oh my goodness I can't just play something.  But guess what, I played the song without messing up.  I was so proud, but I knew I couldn't just do that.  Someone was helping me. 
The most wonderful thing about being here in this area is everyone is incredibly nice.  Even if I knock on the door they say I am so sorry but I don't have time right now.  We haven't had any that have been that rude.  It is incredible.  The people here are so lovely.  I can't believe how lucky/blessed I am to be in this area of England.  It is beautiful. 
A word that I have had a really hard time not saying here is Bummer.  I ALWAYS say that and it is a bad word here.  I catch myself saying it all of the time and I feel so bad.  I am trying to take that word out of my vocabulary.  They also spell things way differently here.  Tires, color, theater, etc.  It is weird how it is different here.  A garden is the front of back yard.  Toilet is the restroom.  Fringe is bangs.  Trousers are pants.. pants are underwear.  Bins are the trash can.  Trash is rubbish.  That is just the start of differences here. 
The one thing that I have been most grateful for this week is the values I was taught throughout my life.  There are so many teenagers and people here that were never taught how to be polite or how to treat others.  This world is getting more and more crazy.  On the bus Sister Barlow and I hear conversations that people are having and I just try to sing a song in my head because they talk so nasty.  How sad.. It just makes me realize how much every person needs the gospel in their life to help them realize the purpose in their life.  We ask people while knocking what the purpose of their life is.  I know that is a little deep, but a lot of people don't think there is a purpose and think we just are here to be miserable. It breaks my heart.  This life is wonderful!! It is wonderful to explain this to them even if they aren't interested.  They need to realize that this life is full of happiness and beauty.  I love you and I hope that you strive to be a little better each day.  You can do it!!

Sister Camille Gunnell
AKA: Milton Dean
AKA: Milly
AKA: Camillionaire
AKA: Camillie Will
AKA: Mil

P.S. My companion is from Michigan.  These are some pictures of our flat.  While proselyting, I can't take pictures after reading that in the white handbook. So I haven't taken a lot this week. 

Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2013 12:04:53 +0100
Subject: Week 2!!!!!
From: Sister Gunnell

Hey fam!!
I love you more than you know... like seriously!! I can't believe that I have been out here for almost a month?!!! What in the world!! It is blowing my mind. 
I want to start off with this poem that I got in a packet from my mission president. (I guess it is a song, but I don't know the tune)

And did those feet in ancient time
Walk upon England's mountains green?
And was the holy Lamb of God
On England's pleasant pastures seen?

And did the Countenance Divine
Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
And was Jerusalem builded here
Among these dark Satanic mills?

Bring me my bow of burning gold:
Bring me my arrows of desire:
Bring me my spear: O clouds unfold!
Bring me my chariot of fire.

I will not cease from mental fight,
Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand
Till we have built Jerusalem
In England's green and pleasant land.

-William Blake

Isn't that beautiful?! It makes me just want to work even harder.  We are going all day long and it is a struggle, but by the end of the day I feel like I have accomplished so much!!  We are pretty much on our feet all day.  I would've never though it possible to get blisters between my toes, but it happens haha.  I keep going though.  My feet by the end of the day hurt, but that is a sign that I worked as hard as I possibly could that day.  I love this work.
We plan our days to go and find less actives.  White washing is hard because we are starting from nothing, but it is kind of fun.  People ask me all of the time if I am related to Sandy Gunnell, the Olympic runner.  It is funny.  The traveling time takes up a while because the area is so spread out, but it is fun to travel on the busses and see the beautiful green fields and sheep, cows, and horses roaming the fields.  It kind of makes me feel like home except sorry to break it to you, it is prettier HAHAHA.  I love our view at home though.  Nothing gets better than that mountain side. 
We have had a couple dinner appointments, which have been very nice.  They all have been such good food.  I haven't had really any bad food here which is very good :)
There are these things here that are called pasties.  Kind of like a hot pocket, but SSOO much better. This is a big mining community and the wives used to make these for the miners to eat.  They didn't eat the crust because their hands were dirty, but now we eat the whole thing.  It is made up of kind of like pie crust. Yummy!! Because of the mining business and how it went under, there are a lot of people jobless.  It is very sad to see.  There are all of these miner shafts everywhere.  They look like a chimney coming out of the ground.  It is pretty sweet.   The dinner appointments also consist of the best desserts that I have never tried before.  These are some of them lemon merangue pie, rice pudding (I know sound gross but so good), English chocolate (Brooklynn.. Cadbury is everywhere.. remember those little eggs.. yeah that brand), and bread pudding.  I know very bad!! My companion and I run every morning though which is good. I try not to eat any other sweets other than those desserts we have with the members.  My eating schedule is way different now.  Sometimes we don't eat until 8 at night for dinner and lunch is at 11.  We don't have any snacks though which is good.  It is just all over the place. 
Another incredible blessing that I have seen happen is God has literally placed people in our pathways to share the gospel.  It's like they are thrown at us.  They just start talking to us. Yeah, we aren't sometimes even the ones that go up to them.  I see little miracles everyday.  The times I see miracles the most is when I push a little harder or do a little more even though I could've stopped beforehand and would've been ok.  It is absolutely remarkable how Heavenly Father is helping me to get to His children.  This is a difficult mission area to be called to, but we are trying to accomplish as much as possible.  We set goals and this past week we accomplished them!! It was the best feeling ever!! We don't have a whole lot of teaching opportunities, but we practice with one another and it helps.  The people are so kind here.  We knock SSOO much!! At first I absolutely hated it.  I thought it was a waste of time, but now I realize that it makes a difference.  There are so many converts that had the seed planted when they shut the door on the elders or sisters.   I am just glad to know that I am doing my best.  This work is very overwhelming, but I just need to give it my all while I can.  No work goes unnoticed.  We did have a girl come to church with us yesterday.  I hope that she can learn from us and understand that this gospel can bless her life in so many ways (this is one story of where we decided we would go knocking even though we only had 10 minutes til the bus came and then she answered the door and was so welcoming.. miracle). 
I have a very difficult time expressing myself how I want to.  I am trying to be better at this and make the conversation more flowey (if that is a word).  I am trying to understand how to go from different points and make them connect.  This might sound dumb, but I practice in the mirror and it helps haha :) 

Love you so much!! Wish you the best!!
Go out and do a good deed this week.  I promise that if you do you will find happiness.. seriously though.  It is so good to be on the Lord's errand. 

Sister Gunnell

P.S. Good luck on your talks.  I will be speaking in church that day also!! I feel like we are talking on the same day and its not a coincidence.  I will be at your chapel in spirit and I will know your spirits are with me when I am giving my talk also. 

Bridger!! The big college days are coming up for you!! Get pumped!! They are so fun!! Hope you are having fun working!!
Landen!! Dale!! You give it your all!! Have fun and smile and laugh always.  I miss that smile and laugh of yours more than you know!!

One of the buses she takes every day!

Blisters all the time! We even sent her with Born and Dansko shoes.

Sister Gunnell and Sister Barlow