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 From:  Camille Gunnell
 Subject:  We are God's Army 
 Date: November 3, 2014 4:56 AM MDT

We went to Beachy Head with the Deans.  Whenever I am with Sister Hickman I feel at home and happy.


The Brighton group... made up most of the fireside last night.. I love each and every person in this picture SO MUCH!!
This is our pretty chapel that we meet in in Eastbourne.. it is like so English!! It even has a cross on the outside... it was another chapel before it was our church.  I love it so much!! 

From:  Camille Gunnell 
Subject:  LOVE
Date:  October 20, 2014 5:02:18 AM MDT

Dear Family,
Can I just say that being in the world and also being out of the world brings me closer to
God more than I can even describe.  I love it!!  Brighton is such a crazy place, but I feel like
seeing the extremes brings about an even more of a desire to be obedient and love God
more than anything else.  My life is in full swing at the moment!!

Man have I just loved this week!! We were totally uplifted at Zone Conference by a general 
authority names Elder Adler and his wife from Germany.  They just showed so much love 
and humility.  It was the best Zone Conference a sister could as for for her last one!! I was 
able to sit by Sister Moulis the entire time and man did I just cry pretty much through the
entire thing.. they do this video with all of the baptisms and seeing people that I first started 
teaching get baptized is the best feeling in the world!!  You have no idea!! And then being
by Sister Moulis as we saw __, __'s wife, picture we just hugged each other so hard!! I just
couldn't hold back the tears!!! Then I even got 
choked up seeing Hark All Ye Nations and 
Jerusalem.. like man I just loved it all so much!!
Something that Sister Adler said that I just 
loved was she was like just like Charlie and 
the Chocolate Factory.. we can't just try to find 
the golden ticket.. we need to enjoy the 
chocolate too!! She gave us all little milkas :) 
Brooklynn will know what kind of chocolate 
that is :)  Then Elder Adler spoke a lot about 
when we go home and how to always 
remember our missions.  They both spoke like 
Elder Uchtdorf, which I loved!! President Millar 
is really trying to get the missionaries to be more 
natural as they find and just don't go up to people and start off by handing them a card or 
saying I'm a missionary from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!  The mission
is changing, but always for the better!! I was also able to see Sister Dimond and Sister
Brittain. I love them both!!  Man, but was seeing Sister Moulis and hearing her speak so
much more fluent English was just the best thing ever!!!!!!  And then Sister Hickman was
there obviously so that was just great!! She is so wonderful!  So my other two comps, Sister
Barlow and Sister Karyan, already went home and the only one I wasn't able to see was
Sister Cowley, but we will see each other soon enough :)  These companions of mine have
just been amazing.  What an interesting thing it is though to live with an absolutely
complete stranger hehe.  
Our schedule right now is so packed.  We are teaching so many investigators.. none of 
which have baptismal dates due to the fact that each one has something holding them back 
whether it be marriage, work, or family issues (parents).  They will come around though so 
we are not stopping.. They are too great!! 

There is a wife of a member here that is less active. We have really trying to go see her often. She is an older 
lady so she says it just is really difficult for her, but I know that us coming around is giving her more motivation. 
She was always teaching in her callings, but now she is sad that she can't. Sister Hickman and I were really 
guided by the Spirit in that teach because out of no where I asked her about her scripture study. She said that it 
is actually really poor at the moment. Then Sister Hickman said, "How about you teach us about topics that we 
pick for you to study so then you have something to study about." She was struggling having the desire to 
study. Good thing that we really got to know her and just listened for a while. I just love the little miracles that 
happen each day as we focus on needs. 

We went to a beautiful town on Monday named Lewes.  I am really excited to get started on 
my quilt of tea towels that are adding up.  It is going to be a good project to sew those 

We were able to fix a punched in wall of ____'s while ____ was gone to America.  They are 
both recent converts.  ____ did it a while back and the Elders had the brilliant idea of fixing 
it... kind of like a new beginning.  They did it all.. it brought the elders together because they 
both used to do all of that kind of stuff at home which is cool.  And then Sister Dean helped 
us put up the beautiful wallpaper and we got to picture frames of their baptisms, the 
proclamation to the family, and Jesus and put them up.  It just looked great!! When we saw 
____ he started crying and said thank you so much!! Seriously these people are just 
incredible and I just want to do anything for them to bring them happiness because they 
have brought me so much joy!!

I love you all!! I am still learning lessons each day even though I am getting to the last 
couple of weeks.  It is too weird, but I know that everything happens for a reason.  I love
you all!!!

Sister Gunnell

From:  Camille Gunnell 
Subject:  Don't Fret!!
Date:  October 13, 2014 5:32:25 AM MDT
This week has been so great!  When I was interviewed by President last 
week he said to be open with my new companion.. well hasn't that been an easy one haha.  
Sister Hickman and I are like sisters.  We just talk and talk about everything.  I can't tell you 
how much I love being with her.  It is such a blessing.  The work is always going to throw 
each missionary out of their comfort zone.  I think every missionary can agree to that.  
Sister Hickman and I this week are going to try to talk to more people.  It is scary, but I
know people need loving that we pass by.. especially in Brighton :)  I love it here!! 

Our Flat!! (on the right on the second floor :)

From: Camille Gunnell 
Subject: "This the right place to start."
                 Date: October 6, 2014 4:58:04 AM MDT

President called the next morning when we were watching the Women's Broadcast (it was 
keep on messing up so I will have to watch it again sometime because we didn't get to see 
the lady with the long eyelashes or President Uchtdorfs and I heard they were great!) He
told us that Sister Dimond would be moving to Mitcham (oh my goodness I totally guessed
that place for her at transfers guesses!! It is like a little Ghana right by London)  and drum
roll please.. he said that my companion would be SISTER HICKMAN!! What?!!  I have
never heard of anyone having an old companion.  EVER!! This will be the best transfer in
the world.  Thank goodness this is the Lord's work.  I am going to do everything unitedly
with the Lord and my companion.  That is what I learned at conference too.. obedience,
how important family relationships are, how grateful we are and should be to have a
prophet on this earth, and to be united in purpose and love.  

We also heart attacked our ward mission 
leaders car because he was down and 
stressed with the business of being a recent 
convert for 8 months, preparing for a mission, 
and his busy job at Apple. He really liked it.  

            We went to University of Sussex and helped out one of the elders investigators with his 
            chili shop because it was freshers week.  We set up a booth and talked about chili peppers and the gospel :)  It was fun!! I love being around people my age.  I just love Brighton.. like you have no idea!! While there we saw this sign on the bathroom.. yep this is just Brighton for ya!! What is the world now days?  One cool thing that happened is it started raining when we were setting up his stuff and we decided to pray that the rain would go away.. yep it went away right then and didn't rain all day.  It was just too crazy!! I love how God is in each detail of our lives.  If we have enough faith miracles will happen.  I love miracles!!

From: Camille Gunnell 

Subject: Lengthen My Stride
Date: September 15, 2014 4:48:24 AM MDT

Dear Family,

Seven sisters was awesome!! The one thing that is difficult is how long it takes to do everything here, but good thing everything is worth doing!! :)  Heavenly Father has a plan for each one of us.  We were headed to go to Seven Sisters and a guy came up to us in Sainsburys (grocery store) and said he is from Manchester and just moved here for Uni.  He was taught previously by the elders there.  He has had already the baptism interview, but he has a little bit of a situation that need to get figured out.  He was going to talk to the president there, but he left right after to come here.  It was just crazy how he came up to us.  He is a great guy and I know that he has a lot of things in store for him because of this gospel.  Miracle!  On Tuesday it was pretty difficult one just from the very start.. I don't know why I just had tears in my eyes, but when that happens to me I just know that something cool is going to happen.  We were going to Subway because I had coupons.  I started talking to this old man.. totally reminded me of Grandpa Dean.  Sister Dimond spoke to someone behind me sitting by her.  Oh my goodness he was really interested!! We also met a guy that he believes that he is Jesus.. kind of scary, but that is why I love Brighton.  

The two red head missionaries she loves! The one on the right is Elder Gunnell.
On Friday was one of those days that I could say that it was a perfect day and a total answer to my prayers.  So.. here it goes.. we got a new phone because our screen cracked.  We set the alarm, but seriously it wasn't on.  Good thing we got a text at 8 in the morning.. yeah we totally slept in.  We rushed really quickly because that was the time that we needed to go with the Deans to Zone Training in Crawley.  Well we got ready in fifteen minutes and got to Crawley with a lot of time to spare.  Wow.. can I just say that it was the best conference I have ever been to. I had a question to be answered and it was pretty direct... and it was definitely answered by many of the presentations given.  The Zone Leaders, Elder Rogers and Elder Wolfgramm (he has a prosthetic leg and is like a legend.. I think that he was in the paraolympics..)  showed us this incredible video about our recent converts and some Bible Video segments to beautiful music.  LIke it was so powerful!! A recent convert actually made it in less than 8 hours.  I was just so touched.  Then the Zone Leaders presentation was all about Accountability.  The mission focus is kind of changing and now we are being even more so accountable to the Lord.  The more we are accountable, the more we will love the work.  The best reason why we serve in the church is Charity: the pure love of Christ (Dallin H. Oaks).  The way we can serve Heavenly Father (just like a parent) is to serve His children.  I am really focusing on Charity for the rest of my mission.  Elder Wolfgramm was just so powerful.  He has had so many cool experiences and how God will do all He can to help us in this work.  He would get blisters and soars all of the time on his leg because of the prosthetic one.  He just prayed that they would go away.. and they did.. he says every morning they disappear.  He told us how many people want to be on missions but can't.. he was one of those for a long time.  I just am amazed.  The AP's did a great presentation too. Sister Dimond, a couple of elders, and I also sang I am a child of God.  I then said the closing prayer and I felt the Spirit so strongly telling me what to pray for... that is something that I have really been able to feel... the Spirit guiding my prayers and words.  His will is so much better than our will could ever be.. Let Him guide.  The Zone Leaders invited us to that night account to Heavenly Father for my entire misison.. well I did and it was an incredible experience.  I discussed with Him my challenges, successes, and lessons learned.  Also my goals til the end and who I want to be.  I also asked Him what more I can do?  I did and these are the answers I received.  They are from my Father: Christ.. be like Him.. stand by Him always.  Investigators always at the forefront of my mind.  Charity.. have it and use it!  I had the confirming answer that these things are what will make Sister Gunnell happy for the rest of her mission.  I know that these things were not from my will, but from His. 

That night we taught two new investigators we met... one being ___ from Subway... solid.  It was just so good to teach with Sister Dimond.  I feel like we are becoming more unified.  I just have to write down some texts that we have received from ___ throughout the past couple of days. " I've been looking forward to seeing your all week :) I've been chatting to another misisonary in the US which has helped.  Started reading the Book of Mormon and quit smoking, alcohol, and tea. Bit of an adjustment but I find it best to do it all in one go." Ok at this moment he didn't know anything about the Restoration.  He was just going completely by faith! "I really admire what you're both doing and from talkig to yourselves and some other missionaries the one thing that has rung out is that of absolute kindness.  It is a beautiful thing and not something that is displayed regularly these days :)" "I think these days, our general society has fallen a lot so people can't recognize genuine kindness and love without thinking there is an ulterior motive which is very sad. You are doing a fantastic job and at the very least, have helped me :) I was in a very low place on Tuesday and my research into the church and that I was looking forward to seeing you both again has really helped my week get better so thank you." Just remember he hadn't even met with us before this..
"Just got out my Book of Mormon funnily enough as you text"
"Would it be ok to stand/sit (not sure how it works) with either both of you during the baptism? (unless it has to be separated men and women)" We invited him to come to Mandy's baptism on Saturday.  
"Your faith is very infectious.  Seeing how it affects you.  It's nice.  Makes me really want to feel what you both do." 
"I forgot to mention I live with my girlfriend which I know would prevent me from getting baptized until I get married.  Am I still able to meet/attend church so I'd planned?" OF COURSE
"I find you both very inspirational and wonderful human beings that have helped me a lot in such a short space of time (just want you to know that).  So rest assured you've made this person very happy :)  If you ever need any help with anything, activities at church or whatnot, don't hesitate to ask :)"  He helped after the baptism put chairs out for church.  Just really the kindest person... and we have only met with him twice.  He just is so happy and you won't guess what he is studying.. Speech Pathology.  He is 35 and is just awesome.  Seriously, these texts are the best thing that a missionary could EVER receive.  I just feel so blessed!  All of this is such a privilege.  

Ok so ___ (another investigator) got baptized!! Did I ever tell you that ___ and her son remind me SO much of V___ and M___ from Redruth?  Well they do!! I just feel so close to ___ and I love her! She was so terrified about the water, but her son was so gentle with her in the water.  It was so cool to see.  I sat by her before and after the confirmation and I could literally feel the difference of her after her receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost.  She came back down and all she said was, "cool."  It was seriously cool!  

Once again, I am learning the world!! I love these times.  They are so so so hard, but so so so amazing!! I cherish these days of no worrying about school.. hehe.  My time will come though to have that stress back in my life.... 

Love love love,
Sister Gunnell

Camille Gunnell 

Date: September 8, 2014 5:17:16 AM MDT

Subject: The Best Days are Baptism Days!!

Dear Family,

Where do I start? I just feel truly blessed at this time.  I have been able to witness so many miracles this week that  bring so much joy into my heart.  
We have been able to teach ____(24) and ____ (19) this week leading up to their baptisms on Friday.  They are just such prepared souls.  They really have a desire to just follow Jesus Christ and they know that this gospel is what brings the most happiness.  I have loved being able to see their light shine this week preparing and also getting to know them more.  It is a little difficult coming into a new area and just seeing these solid people that other missionaries have worked so hard with and then here I am just coming in right before they are baptized.  I do know though that God wants me here.  I needed to experience this.  I hope that every missionary experiences the feelings that come preparing someone to be baptized.  On Monday we did Insanity for FHE.. and we ate right before  This is mostly a YSA ward because of the Universities around here.  My calves were aching for the rest of the week, but it was good to sweat and work out.  Before though, we taught ____ and ____ with a lot of the YSA that just showed up and sat in on our teach.  The church is in good hands for the future.  The YSA here are just incredible.  Their testimonies are SO strong.  I was just in awe talking about the Articles of Faith with them.  

Ok.. so I just have to tell you about my feelings at the Baptism on Friday.  Oh my goodness.  So the night before, we went and ate with ____ and ____, our ward mission leader (only been a member for 7 months) and the elders at this place in the Lanes (BEAUTIFUL!!) called Fatleo just to enjoy each other's company before the baptism.  Well, it was incredible.  Sister Dimond and I had this idea to have a little testimony meeting after we ate right there in the restaurant.  We did and man was it powerful. Lewis sent us this text afterwards, "Just a quick note to say.. I love you guys!  Great work tonight.  Fantastic idea to bear our testimonies to ____ and help her feel of our love in an informal way.  Perfect.  Keep up the amazing work.  Sister Gunnell-  It's such a blessing to have your experience and sprit here in Brighton.  I'm excited to have you here in the ward and to continue to get to know you.(he then complimented Sister Dimond) Keep up the great work girls and remember I'm always a speed dial number 5 away if you need anything.  Your ever doting ward mission leader, Lewis Mancer." ____ hadn't told her parents that she was getting baptized because they were so opposed about the church.  She got the strongest impression through prayer that she needed to tell them.  She told her father first, on Friday and it was a miracle because normally he is working, and he said that it was her decision.  Then her father told her mum and she controlled herself pretty well too.  She is an only child which makes things sometimes difficult.  Man though.  It was just incredible that her parents said ok..  so much guilt and all of those horrible feelings left her and she was able to go to the baptism with none of that. ____ was texting us saying things like, "I have a living testimony that the power of prayer works." The baptism was just amazing.  Seriously I can't get over it.  I was on a like a spiritual high for a couple of days.. I might still be on it.  There was the best musical numbers and Sister Dimond and Lewis gave some great talks.  ____ was just smiling from ear to ear.  ____ (it was so cool she wore Sister Dean's temple dress) came back and was just tearing up and said, "I felt like I was under the water for such a long time just feeling myself be cleansed.  Then when I came up I just felt so clean.. I am clean!!" It was just incredible!! Sister Walmsley and Sister Jensen were able to come (past missionaries that taught them) and I just kind of wanted them to feel like it was their moment.  Right after they were baptized they got up and bore their testimonies.. by the way so many people came... even the Stake President was in the area and heard about it and came after going to the cinema.  He was blown away.  Their testimonies are centered around Jesus Christ.  I just loved it so much.  I can honestly say it was the perfect baptism day.  I am so thankful for these times.  

We were able to go to the temple last night with ____ a recent convert and his mother that the Sisters have been teaching.  It was about Why I Believe and three recent converts shard their stories.  ____ was one of them.  I was able to sit by his mom through the fireside.  Oh my goodness was it just incredible.  Son's story was just amazing.  The church has changed him.  "Because of Him, I will/can change." He is so proud of his mom also.  She was crying.  I just couldn't help but cry too.  It was just so tender.  ____ will be baptizing his mother on Saturday.  I was also able to see Sister Brittain and Sister Hickman (two of my last companions. )  I love them so much!! I was also able to see Katherine!! Man all of these people are just great!! It was so good to see them!! The Youngs, the senior couple from Orpington, came up to me and just made me feel so loved.  Sister Young isn't even a touchy person, but she was just talking to me and holding my hands letting me know what a great, obedient missionary I am.  It was so sweet.  It was something well needed.  I feel like I can go throughout this week with whatever trials or challenges come because I know for a fact that God has a plan for each one of His children.  I have experiences it this week immensely.  Never forget or disregard miracles.  That is my advice this week.  I love you and am so grateful for the support and encouragement always. "Great blessings bring great responsibilities." "The Brighter our Hope, the Greater our Faith.  The Stronger our Hope, the Purer Charity we have." I heard these quotes this week and just loved them so much!

Love love love,
Sister Gunnell

P.S.  Today we are going to a place called Seven Sisters with our district.  I am super duper excited!!! It looks like it is beautiful!! Look it up!! Love you all!! Oh and also look up Jenna Walmsley's blog.  She sang at the baptism because she taught Rebecca.  She has a beautiful, powerful voice!! 

From:  Camille Gunnell
Subject:  Re: And as he stand in Victory!!
Date:  September 1, 2014 8:15:14 AM MDT
Dear Family,

The song that I just sent you is great!! I love how it says that he stands in victory.. it is like a song that I will send you at the end of my mission.  The only way that we can be victorious is through Christ.  

This week has just been absolutely crazy!! Transfers are just so miraculous how it all happens.  Leaving Orpington was hard, but it is alright.  It just teaches me life lessons that will help me forever.  I went and stayed in Peckham for a night with all of my stuff.  I stayed with Sister Oriaku from Nigeria.  Man she was cool.  Then we got up and thank goodness for the elders for helping us on the train.  It was a blessing I arrived in Staines with all of my stuff.  Tender things happen on the mission all of the time.  Missionaries are awesome.  Those ones that really just want others to feel Christ's love and look out for those opportunities are the ones that are doing this work right.  I got to Staines and guess who I was able to see.. Sister Moulis.  I started crying when I saw that sweet French sister of mine.  Dad was right when he wrote me that email that said, "Be nice to your companion especially as her trainer you will love her forever."  It is true.  We had to rush off pretty fast, but that little time that we saw each other helped me through this entire week.  

Brighton is gorgeous.  Do you want to hear how my first day was here?  Well I heard that Brighton is beautiful, but sketchy.  We counted and saw 5 gay couples holding hands down the street, we (Ward Mission Leader, the Elders, and Sister Dimond and I) stopped at a stop light and saw up above a shop right in front of us a pole dancing class going on.. we started singing, "The Spirit of God." We also went to an American Diner called JB's right on the sea front to have a little welcome with the Ward Mission Leader.  It was just all around eventful.  

This area is going crazy right now with missionary work.  We have a couple of baptisms happening this week and the next.  I am very grateful to be serving with someone that is so hard working. Sister Dimond has been out for 3 transfers (4 months) and she is just so excited about everything.  She is totally hilarious!
These people are incredible!! The Lord trusts His missionaries.  I am still in the beginning stages of this area, which is really difficult for me.  These past couple of days have been rough, but I see how time smooths things out.  Sister Dimond and I are starting to get to know one another more and so I don't feel like complete strangers anymore with her.  We are having incredible teaching opportunities together.  Miraculously two people that the sisters have been teaching forever want to get baptized now.  It is just so great!! This week is going to be really busy, but I hope that I can just start feeling more comfortable in this area.  I hope and pray that all is well with Papa and Grandma Karleen.  

It has been raining a lot, which I think makes my attitude change.  I am going to try to not let it change me this week and dance in the rain.  I love you all!!

Another cool thing happened this week.  When I was feeling a little low we were on the bus and we passed by a Geneva Road.  It lifted me. Heavenly Father loves us.  Little things matter to Him and He will place in our paths little things to make us happy.  Be aware of those things this week :) They will be around.  

Sister Gunnell

Sally Gunnell.. they have a little thing kind of like in Hollywood in Brighton hehe.  She was on one of them. I was stoked!! You do not know how many people ask me if I am related to her.. I say heck yes.. even though I really don't think so hehe. 

A pub named good companions.. love it!!

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